Psy Renews Contract With YG For Three Years

Psy Renews Contract With YG For Three Years
Gangnam_Style_PSY_25logo Republic of Korea / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Psy will be staying with YG for a longer period of time. Recent reports suggest that Psy has renewed his contract with YG Entertainment.


Psy first joined YG Entertainment in the year 2010. The “Gangnam Style” singer has been popular ever since. He hit charts again with latest releases “Napal Baji (Bellbottoms),” and “Daddy.” “Gangnam Style” has become an epic. On December 21, 2012, it became the first video on YouTube to receive a billion hits. It was viewed 2.6 billion times, a massive number for any music video.

“Napal Baji (Bellbottom)” has received 3.52 million views and “Daddy” received 11.8 million views till December 2. Psy, 37, is ruling the music world once again. This is the seventh studio album of the singer.

You can watch PSYs new song right here. Check out the video and enjoy the rhythm.

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YG mentioned in a statement, “Psy and YG will stay together three more years based on our trust and friendship.” Psy has renewed his contract with YG on the basis of their good relationship. Psy’s YG contract will be for three more years. Fans can expect more hits from the star with YG Entertainment in the coming years.