PS4 Update: Patch 4.00 Bringing HDR Support, New Data Transfer Feature, Redesigned Quick Menu And More

PS4 Update: Patch 4.00 Bringing HDR Support, New Data Transfer Feature, Redesigned Quick Menu And More
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PlayStation 4 owners will be glad to know that Patch 4.00 will go live this week. It brings support for High Dynamic Range imaging, a new data transfer feature and a redesigned Quick Menu.


HDR support for PS4 significantly expands the range of contrast and color in a video display. Images have more depth to them and look more realistic. Color hues are also multiplied tenfold. Games and movies will show more bright blues, reds, greens and so on.

After installing Patch 4.00, an HDR settings menu will pop up in Video Output Settings. PS4 owners would need an HDR-compatible display to enjoy the console’s newest perk.

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Another noteworthy addition is the ability to transfer data via wired LAN connection. The new data transfer feature is faster and less cumbersome than conventional methods, as per PlayStation Blog.

The Quick Menu will have a revamped look with more customization options. It will feature a Music section in which users can directly access Spotify. Additionally, It can suggest appropriate playlists for currently played games.

Other Patch 4.00 changelogs include an upgraded Content Info Screen and Activity Feed. Selecting a game tile on the home screen would trigger a host of options. Users can view Activities, Trending Media and other software content related to a particular game.

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The left and right columns of the Activity Feed will be more user-friendly. Meanwhile, What’s New will show more information about the latest trends in the world of PS4.

In other PS4 news, Capcom recently announced that “Resident Evil 7” will have support for HDR gaming on PS4 Pro. The game is set to arrive in early 2017 while the enhanced console will debut this November, GameSpot reported.

PS4 owners should not worry. Patch 4.00 negates the immediate need to purchase a PS4 Pro. HDR support for PS4 can stand on its own against next-generation video game graphics.

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