PS4 Slim: Leaked Photos, Video Comparison, What We Know So Far About New PlayStation 4 Console

PS4 Slim: Leaked Photos, Video Comparison, What We Know So Far About New PlayStation 4 Console
Sony Playstation 4 PS4 PROGlen Bowman / Flickr CC
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Sony has designated Sept. 7 as D-day for the unveiling of one of its most highly-anticipated products for this year – the upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 or the PS4 Slim.


Based on recently-leaked photos and video comparisons that have surfaced on the net, the new standard PS4 model will be lighter and slimmer than the existing PS4 model whose production has been discontinued by Sony.

It’s worth noting that the Japanese company decided to stop manufacturing the existing PS4 ahead of the scheduled news conference in September wherein its PlayStation business is expected to take center stage.

Although Sony has confirmed that the high-end PS4 Neo is on the way, it did not announce that it was set to release the PS4 Slim, according to the Wall Street Journal via BGR.

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There are speculations that the leaner PS4 model will be competing head-to-head with the redesigned Xbox One S.

Damian Thwong, an analyst at Macquarie Securities, said the latest iteration of the PS4 Slim will be slimmer and cheaper, as it would sell at around $350. Leaked images and video comparisons of the PS4 Slim seemed to confirm the Wall Street Journal report.

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Based on the leaked images and videos, the newest PS4 model features a matte finish and a 500 GB internal memory.

Meanwhile, it came as a total surprise to Digital Spy that the latest version of the gaming console showed up at Gumtree a whole month earlier. The advertisement teased the rumored front and back of the PS4 Slim’s packaging with the description “brand new sealed newest one out not in stores yet.”

As to the question of whether this ad was legitimate, other recently leaked images and video comparisons of the device may prove that the placement was authentic. Despite these revelations, there is still no 100 percent guarantee that the PS4 Slim has already been released on the market – unofficially, that is.

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