Project Ara Falling Apart, More Delay Expected

Project Ara Falling Apart, More Delay Expected
Picture from Google / Google Site
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Project Ara, the modular phone of Google, has failed the drop test. Previously, a delay in the project was reported but the cause was unknown. This time, it seems that the modular phone is falling apart.


Google’s Advanced Technologies and Project (ATAP) group has made it a point to bring a smartphone with replaceable parts. However, the customers can get a hint that the project has gone wrong and Google is not able to produce what was promised, at least for the time being.

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The Project Ara group took to Twitter to say that the electromagnet that is responsible for holding different parts of the device together is not strong enough. So it failed a drop test which is a must for such a phone.

Project Ara from Google was to be launched in Puerto Rico some time in September with around 20 to 30 modules. However, the company delayed the plan till 2016 without citing any reason.

The news of Project Ara falling apart may be news of disappointment for many. But it is always better to wait for a smartphone with so many features and good workability rather than getting something interesting early.

The modular phone in question will allow the user to change the processor, the RAM, camera and even more parts. It is possible that bespoke companies will grow as a result of the same. It is still not known when the phone will actually come out in the market and when eager users will be able to actually hold the device.

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