Pro-Rape Group, Return Of The Kings, Cancels Tribal Meet-Up

Pro-Rape Group, Return Of The Kings, Cancels Tribal Meet-Up
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Return of the Kings, a group with controversial views about rape, has decided to group of meetings scheduled to take place on February 6, saying that “most of the meetups cannot be made private in time.” Moreover, group founder Roosh Valizadeh says he apologizes “to all supporters who are let down by my decision.”


Valizadeh had originally thought about it all before hand. He was determined to hold his Tribal Meet-ups all over the world regardless of how determined government agencies to stop him or even infiltrate one of his meetings. The Tribal Meet-ups are said to be a way to host some real “male bonding.” It’s a chance for men to “develop the right friendships who have your back no matter what.”

This is why Valizadeh decided to help men create “tribes” not just in the US, but across 43 countries, according to a report from Raw Story. These meet-up even totalled to as much as 165. And when protesters started rallying against his meetings, he decided to hide meeting locations and even came up with a protocol to ensure that only those intending to attend a meet-up will be allowed into the said events.

Valizadeh has been at the center of controversy for some time now. Many, including Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, has opposed any meet-ups organized by his group, Return of the Kings. According to a report from The Dallas Morning News, the governor has said that the group is not welcome in Texas and that they have “disgusting viewpoints.” As for the man behind the group, he continues to boldly support his views.

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In a recent Q&A, he stresses that he is not a rapist and that he has actually never been charged of rape before. He also believes that he is not teaching men how to rape. Rather, he is merely teaching them how to be sexually attractive. Nonetheless, he is not a men’s right activist, but rather, a “neomasculinist.”

Last year, Valizadeh wrote a controversial piece entitled “How To Stop Rape.” Here, he wrote that men are actually “born with the capability to rape and have zero instinct to know that taking a woman with violence is improper.” Hence, he views it a miracle that “men have not raped their mothers, babysitters, and sisters before being taught in college that rape is actually not a good thing.”

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