Private Emails From Hillary Clinton’s Private Server Recovered By FBI

Private Emails From Hillary Clinton’s Private Server Recovered By FBI
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has recovered work and personal emails which were believed to have been deleted from the private server that Hillary Rodham Clinton was using while serving as the secretary of state. Republican lawmakers are pushing for the release of more information regarding the issue.


The Justice Department investigation came after the inspector generals for the State Department and for the intelligence community wrote a memo, highlighting that Clinton’s private server contained “hundreds of potentially classified emails.” There was a growing fear that classified information may have been transferred through the system. Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that he was being denied information regarding whether a criminal investigation is being carried out for Clinton’s use of private email.

“You know it is getting a little absurd when someone at the Justice Department is apparently leaking details to the press about an investigation that the department officially refuses to admit to Congress that it is conducting,” Grassley said.

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According to WREG, Clinton submitted 60,000 emails and told the State Department that about 30,000 of those emails were personal and had been subsequently deleted. A lawyer for Clinton furnished the device, from which all emails had been deleted and non-personal messages provided to the State Department, to the FBI last month. Clinton’s home server is also being looked into by investigators who believe that classified information may have been sent or received through the server.

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Clinton spokesman, Nick Merrill, said, “We’ve cooperated to date and will continue to do so, including answering any questions about this that anyone including the public may have.”

The US Department of Justice said Clinton was fair in deleting the emails from her private account that were not related to work. In a document filed in US District Court in Washington, the Justice Department wrote, “There is no question that former Secretary Clinton had authority to delete personal emails without agency supervision, she appropriately could have done so even if she were working on a government server.”

Clinton has apologized for using a private server, but has also maintained that no classified information was sent by her.

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As reported by Irish Examiner, the company that managed Clinton’s private email had “no knowledge of the server being wiped.” It further said that the recovery of tens of thousands of emails that Clinton said were deleted was possible. Meanwhile, citing that the emails have in fact been recovered, Grassley also called on the FBI to shed more light on how the matter will be dealt with. In a statement, he said, “Allowing an independent authority to search for records that were requested by Congress, the inspector general, the press and the public years ago, and then providing the records to the appropriate requesters, would be a welcome move in transparency.”

As reported by The Republic, Senator Ron Johnson said, “On an issue of such importance, we must fully understand Secretary Clinton’s decision to use a private email server and its consequences to our nation,” as reported by The Republic.

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