The Real Housewives’ Of New Jersey: Prison Did Not Change Teresa Giudice For The Better

The Real Housewives’ Of New Jersey: Prison Did Not Change Teresa Giudice For The Better
Teresa Giudice from Teresa Giudice / Facebook

Teresa Giudice was reunited with her family in the premiere episode of “The Real Housewives” New Jersey. Viewers are expectant of a renewed wife and mother. She is also expected to reflect a better person towards others.


She spent 15 months in prison. She was convicted of bankruptcy fraud together with her husband Joe Giudice. According to Huffington Post, her husband will start his 41-month sentence after she goes out of prison.

So, what is next in the life of the star that just came out of the cell? She is now working on the show again and back to her old life with her children.

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However, it seems that expectations are bound to fail.  As per E! Online, she is back in her old self again – strong willed and dominant. Her reunion with her brother and his wife showed sister-in-law Melissa frustrated when she got the sample of her unreasonable persistence. Bowing to her wishes, Melissa was set to preserve the peace in the Gorga household and respect her parents-in-law.

Her locked-up time did not develop in her a fondness for her family members particularly her cousins. When Jacqueline Laurita called her up on New Year’s Eve, she got a bit angry upon knowing that her cousins, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri heard their conversation. They were listening at the other end. She asked Laurita if she really needs to set her loudspeaker while they are talking. She forgot that it is the standard way for reality shows.

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She also seems to flaunt her better-left-forgotten incarceration when she talked about a magazine offer. She revealed that she used to pay for her Christmas photographs but now, she was offered to have her photos taken for a magazine for a fee.

Will “Real Housewives” New Jersey witness a Teresa Giudice making a mess of her again? How will she manage her life as a single parent since her husband is still in prison? See her daily life and interaction with the cast every Sunday at 8pm on Bravo.

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