Princess Diana’s Grave Neglected, Slimy Moss Covers Memorial Statue

Princess Diana’s Grave Neglected, Slimy Moss Covers Memorial Statue

Princess Diana’s grave at Althorp estate in Northamptonshire is now devoured by bushes and old trees. Worse, a memorial statue of her is already covered with slimy green moss.


According to a report from Express UK, tens of thousands of visitors wanting to see Princess Diana’s last resting place pay as much as 18.50 pounds or roughly $20. However, the place still remains unkempt.

The report said that the estate is owned by Diana’s brother Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer, who also requested for her body to be rested there. He had also given a heartfelt eulogy during Princess D’s funeral service at Westminster Abbey.

In a statement obtained by Express UK, the management of Althorp Estates said that it was their original plan to have the 14 “Planting stones in the Park” to naturally become “parts of the ancient landscape over time, rather than being scrubbed clean.”

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As for the slimy moss, the statement explained that they were present in 2014 and they are not present this year. “The island where the late Princess is buried has always had a full growth of mature trees, which give a rich panoply of foliage in the summer, which intentionally lends privacy to the Princess’s final resting place. The Temple is maintained and assessed on an annual basis,” the statement explained further.

The unkempt grave was first exposed in 2014 by Darren McGrady, the former chef to Princess Diana. In a personal blog written by McGrady, he described Princess D’s resting place as full of algae with bushes and trees were overgrown mess.

“Looking like they had never been trimmed since the day she was buried on the island. Even the memorial with blistered paint looked more like a ‘tatty old garden shed at the bottom of the garden’ than a shrine to the most photographed woman in the world,” he wrote.

McGrady blamed Princess D’s brother for the neglect. He said the brother did not want her to be around when she was still living but “insisted on her being there in death.”

“I was convinced that he would take care of her resting place out of pure guilt, if nothing else, but I was to be disappointed. Needless to say, my heart felt like lead when I saw the island she was buried on in the center of ‘The Round Oval’ lake at Althorp,” he wrote.

McGrady lamented that the place “was a mess and in my opinion no place for a Princess.”