Prince’s Death Remains Highly Suspicious, Police Promise To Leave No Stone Unturned

Prince’s Death Remains Highly Suspicious, Police Promise To Leave No Stone Unturned
Paisley Park Entrance Thomas/FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0

Police authorities wanted to dig deeper into finding the real cause of Prince’s death. A search warrant was issued to the late Prince’s home where his dead body was found.


Paisley Park estate, home and a recording studio to the late singer Prince, was searched by authorities on April 21, the day he was found dead. However, they were suspicious over the cause of his death. In a report by BBC, they have won a court order to keep the warrant sealed so as not to affect their work.

In recent reports, Prince had taken prescription painkillers and it was also reported that he had overdosed on it just days before his death. However, it was still unclear if the painkillers had played a role on his sudden death.

Carver County Deputy Sheriff Jason Kamerud said that the reason why the Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been called in were inaccurate. Suicide was ruled out last week and the full results could take more weeks according to a medical examiner. Sheriff Jim Olson told reporters that there was no sign of trauma on the body, which implied that he died alone.

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An unnamed source told Mirror, “Detectives are increasingly looking at Prince’s medical history and how he was able to obtain drugs that are only available on prescription.” The source also added, “They want Paisley Park searched from top to bottom to see if there is any evidence of drugs, prescriptions, medical record or correspondence that could help in the death investigation.”

“Criminal conduct involved in his death is a very real possibility,” according to a source. Moreover, investigators are really keen on getting to the real reason of his death, even if they probe and pry deeper on the personal life of the legendary pop icon. “They are determined to leave no stone unturned in finding the true cause of his death. Police in Chanhassen have a deep affinity for the singer, he was part of the community and did a lot for the area,” the source added.

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