Prince’s Death An Accidental Overdose?

Prince’s Death An Accidental Overdose?
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When the flamboyant stage performer Prince died on April 21, people were wondering what really triggered the American singer’s sudden death. While the experts investigate, American board-certified internist Dr. Drew Pinsky, shared he is sure that Prince died of “accidental overdose.”


As stated by Hollywood Reporter, a week before Prince died at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota, the plane in which the American singer and songwriter was traveling on had to make an emergency landing in Illinois on April 15, to rush Prince to the hospital. Reportedly, the artist needed treatment for flu-like symptoms. However, Dr. Pinsky said this is impossible.

As Dr. Pinsky claimed that, “They don’t land planes for the flu.” The host of the talk show “Dr. Drew On Call” further made a point that the respiratory distress of the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, is the possible effect of “the combination of oral opiates and Benzodiazepines, and that is extraordinarily dangerous.”

Dr. Pinsky added that physicians prescribes the combo “all the time.” However, a scary side effect that is that it can stop a person from breathing, which can lead to death.  “It’s easy for that to happen with that combination even as prescribed.” An anonymous source also claimed Prince had previously overdosed on the painkiller Percocet.

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Dr. Pinsky also made a theory that when Prince suddenly left the hospital on April 15, that could mean the artist left against medical advice.

According Variety, on April 22, Carver County Sheriff Jim Olson made it clear in a press conference that Prince’s death is officially not a suicide. Sheriff Olson stated, “We have no reason to believe it’s a suicide, the rest is under investigation.” The sheriff also said, there were no facts or information indicating whether it’s a foul play.

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