Prince’s Cook Foresaw His Death? Pop Icon’s Diet Changes Were Clear Signs!

Prince’s Cook Foresaw His Death? Pop Icon’s Diet Changes Were Clear Signs!
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Prince was well on stage, while he performed, thus captivating his audience in California and Australia. He had also hosted a pop-up party at Paisley Park studio just before he passed away. His cook though, revealed everything was different when he was at home. It was quite obvious he was already feeling something.


Ray Roberts, Prince’s chef who had cooked for him for three years, said in an interview that he noticed changes in Prince’s diet. He seemed to be losing weight, taking less food and less water as well. He was probably that bad for the last two months or so, said Robert. Prince did not eat meat but he loved food like “roasted beets and minestrone soup with a harissa chermoula, a herb sauce from North Africa.”

It also seemed as if he got weaker each day. Prince reportedly wanted to take meals that are easier to digest. He fought colds, sore throats often and also upset stomachs, as per CTV News. Prince reportedly would prefer fresh juices and smoothies for soothing his stomach and throat.

It was allegedly hard to notice something was amiss as cold sores are a part and parcel of Minnesota weather. Prince had revealed earlier on that he was epileptic, having suffered seizures while he was a child.  It is understood that epileptic people can suffer from huge bouts of flu as well.

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Prince had appeared at an electric performance on Saturday just before he died on April 21, reported Daily Mail. “He was keen for people to have ‘living proof’ that he is still alive, and he arrived at the bash to show off his new guitar and piano,” the source said.


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