Prince William, Kate Middleton Eager To Meet Mumbai Slum Children

Prince William, Kate Middleton Eager To Meet Mumbai Slum Children
Photo Credit: Jens Rost via Compfight cc

India is gearing up to welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but who is the royal couple looking forward to see? Prince William and Kate Middleton will be visiting the streets of Mumbai famous in the film “Slumdog Millionaire.”


According to the Daily Mail, the royal couple will be visiting the slums of Mumbai. The couple is interested in knowing how charities are working to provide support to the children. They would also meet with them to understand how health checks, foods and amenities are provided to the children.

An insider stated, “As much as possible they want see things for themselves. They will see projects focusing on children in significant urban poverty.” The couple will meet people in person, though the itinerary of the trip is not yet finalized.

There are around 20 million people in Mumbai; half of the population live in slums. The slum featured in “Slumdog Millionaire” has around 1 million residents. While shooting the movie, director Danny Boyle picked real slum children.

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Apart from visiting the slums, the Duke and the Duchess will also be visiting Taj Mahal. They will be in New Delhi at one point and will follow Lady Diana’s footsteps by visiting Taj Mahal.

Diana had a photo taken outside the Taj Mahal where she sat on a bench by herself. It was an iconic picture, which became even more important when the princess and Prince Charles announced their separation after a few months.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be also travelling to Bhutan to meet King Jigme and Queen Jetsun.

Times of India reports a Kensington Palace spokesperson saying, “Their visit to India will be an introduction to a country that they plan to build an enduring relationship with. They will pay tribute to India’s proud history, but also are keen to understand the hopes and aspirations of young Indian people and the major role they will play in shaping the 21st century.”

The Duke and Duchess will catch the varied flavors of India while visiting the slums and Taj Mahal during their week-long trip in April.