Prince William Fake: Royal Tries To Regain Lost Popularity By Helping Essex Aide?

Prince William Fake: Royal Tries To Regain Lost Popularity By Helping Essex Aide?
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Prince William rushed to the aid of a local dignitary after he took a tumble while welcoming the Duke and Duchess to Essex on Friday. Was the 34-year-old rushing to help Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex Jonathan Douglas-Hughes, Queen Elizabeth’s representative in Harlow just a mere PR exercise to regain lost popularity?


As Prince William rushed to help the dignitary, Kate Middleton looked on not sure what to do. The 72-year-old in his full ceremonial uniform including a sword and boots with spurs tumbled backwards after the royal couple got out of their car.

After William helped him back on his feet, Douglas-Hughes looked embarrassed. “Sorry about that” he said to William who replied “No, it’s all right.”

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A video of Prince William rushing to help Douglas-Hughes is available online. However, strangely enough it does not show the dignitary walking down the concrete path to greet the couple.

Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived at a windswept Stewards Academy, to discuss how young people cope with issues like starting a new school, Daily Mail reports. Meanwhile, after a lavish vacation in France in July, the couple are back to work.

Both William and Kate are trying hard to do away with the bad press that they got for themselves and the royal family for their lavish ways. The couple are trying to portray they are like any other working parents, who manage their work and their two children.

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The couple was criticized for their “work shy” ways and hogging freebies. Their PR machinery most likely arranged a host of engagements and convinced William and Kate to carry it out to save their image in the public.

Due to their work-shy attitude they are becoming less popular and are now thinking of stepping up their royal engagements as earlier reported by CDL.

Kate, William along with Prince George and Princess Charlotte are going on a royal tour to Canada on Sep.24, Saturday. The kids will be the star attraction of the visit which will conclude on Oct.1, Mirror UK reports.

The couple had been on an official tour to Canada in 2011, just after their royal wedding. In a bid to gain popularity with the masses, William and Kate are now putting their children forward, seems to be a part of their PR stunt?

Check the video here:

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