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Prince Jigme Of Bhutan Is Growing Up Fast

Prince Jigme Of Bhutan Is Growing Up Fast
Prince Jigme her_majesty_queen_of_bhutan/Instagram


Prince Jigme Of Bhutan Is Growing Up Fast

King Jigme and Queen Jetsun of Bhutan’s baby son Prince Jigme is growing up very fast. The Bhutanese royal couple are showing off their son to people.

King Jigme and Queen Jetsun, who are known as the “William and Kate of the Himalayas” released a new portrait of their son Prince Jigme in early August. The little royal is now six-months-old.

The 26-year-old queen took to Instagram and shared a picture of her little prince. “It is an exceptional joy to see our beloved Gyalsey grow up so quickly,” she captioned the picture.

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The picture of Prince Jigme is part of the Yellow Bhutan calendar. It is a website curated by the Royal Office for Media of Bhutan.

The images can be used for wallpapers on computers or smartphones. Every month the office of the king releases a new picture of the baby prince for its online calendar, Hello reports.

The king and queen have been traveling around the Himalayan kingdom, introducing their little boy to well-wishers. The August calendar photo was taken during baby Jigme’s first visit to Dechenphu Lhakhang.

“Dechenphu is the seat of one of Bhutan’s most important protective deities, Genyen Jagpa Melen, known colloquially to the people as Ap Genyen,” explains Queen Jetsun.

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She added that the deity is very important born in Thimphu Valley, as it has “colorful story” of encounters with some of the greatest saints in Bhutan. Jetsun who is also called ‘Kate of the Himalayas’ said it is a tradition in Thimphu to take their kids to the deity in Dechenphu, and seek the protection.

Meanwhile, Prince Jigme for the first time visited Bumthang, the district where his mom originates from, Today reports. The queen has shared three pictures of her newborn.

In the first picture Jigme is carried by his mom and matches her in a yellow traditional dress. The baby also wears white socks and matching shoes.

In the second picture Prince Jigme is held by his dad and Thursday shows him with his mom. Baby Jigme was born on Feb. 5.

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