Prince Harry Receives ‘Indecent Proposal’

Prince Harry Receives ‘Indecent Proposal’
Photo Credit: koennz via Compfight cc
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What's This?

Peta has made an indecent proposal to Prince Harry! The most eligible bachelor of Europe was asked to go for “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. The 29th of February is a leap day where a quirky tradition dictates for ladies to propose to their men. That is why Peta has chosen this day to ask Prince Harry to show some skin for a good cause.


Prince Harry has a lot of female followers and showing a bit of skin for the cause advocated by Peta is a good opportunity to tap on bigger audience. The “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” after all is a campaign to save animals. A great number of animals suffer in order to produce fur required to meet the demand for animal-fur clothes.

Most fur comes from China, Peta said. There is no penalty for abusing animals and thus, the animals had been suffering horrifically. The animals are brought up in filthy cages before they are brutally executed. They are killed in brutal ways or at times, their skin is taken off even when they are alive.

If Prince Harry decides to show skin and wears some less fur, he could convince more people to support Peta’s campaign against animal abuse. This will reduce the demand for fur and if 95% of the British population denies to wear such clothing, several lives will be saved.

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Peta has mentioned that Paul McCartney, Kate Winslet and Joss Stone have all been invited to join in the campaign.

Prince Harry has been quite compassionate about animals. He has recently released a section of his photographs taken during his visit to South Africa and was released by the Royal Press. He worked with rangers who are respond against poachers. He has released the photos and videos to explain the urgent challenge of saving endangered animals in all parts of the world.