Prince Harry On Tinder Down Under

Prince Harry On Tinder Down Under
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Prince Harry is reportedly on Tinder Down Under with his profile saying he is looking for a princess. Prince Harry is now on an eight-day tour of New Zealand and has just finished his month-long attachment with the Australian Defence Force or ADF.


Prince Harry seen on Tinder

Reporter Matty McLean of New Zealand’s One News has reportedly seen Prince Harry on Tinder. His profile on the dating app says he is Harry, 29, “just an everyday strawberry-blonde looking for a princess,” McLean said.

“I’m in this for the long haul,” the Prince’s profile reads as seen by McLean. He also reportedly wrote that he is interested about the army and “being fifth-in-line for things.” His favorite Lion King character is said to be Scar, pun intended.

Cuteness overload: Prince Harry had question and answer with kids

For his fourth day in New Zealand, Prince Harry goofed around with kids at Halfmoon Bay School on Stewart Island, The New Zealand Herald reported. He spent time sitting with the students on a beginners German class. Asked by the teacher and the kids as to how he wanted to be called, the prince said: “Just Harry is fine, Harry with a German accent.”

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The prince shared he learned French at school but he has already forgotten most of the words.

“I would love to learn Spanish, but my headmaster told me not to bother. I wish I could speak German,” the prince told the kids.

One kid asked about what he does. He said he flies a helicopter, which is like having a moving office. “There’s only two of you in the office and no one else can bother you,” he said.

Asked if he lived in a castle, he said no and that he does not even have a crown.

Another kid asked what he calls the Queen. “I call her Granny, but I refer to her as the Queen because I’m in the army and she’s my boss,” the prince told the kid.

A little girl asked about his favorite food. “Spaghetti Bolognese. Is that a good answer?” the prince said.

Prince Harry finally told the kids that they are very lucky to live in a place like the Stewart Island. “Make the most of it guys, suck in the fresh air.”

The prince posed for photos with the kids. And as he left the school, the children yelled “bye” in unison.

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