Prince George Spoiled? Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Birthday Gifts Are Shockingly Expensive!

Prince George will celebrate his third birthday on July 22. His gifts though from his parents indicate that he is quite a spoiled little kid.


His parents Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly gifting their first-born a rare train set that costs 300 pounds (more than $395). They are also expected to give Prince George an expensive Bolonka Zwetna puppy.

The rare Royal Scot train set from Hornby comes complete with a Coronation Class loco, two composite coaches, two brake coaches, two sidings, a station and a large oval track.

After hearing about this gift, the train is now sold out everywhere. In fact it was only available in Amazon, but unfortunately it has been sold out after a Daily Mail report.

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The rare train was priced at a whopping 279.99 pounds ($369.42), but with “The George Effect” there is no piece of the item left. Even parents who want to gift their little ones with a piece like this may not be able to lay their hands on the rare Royal Scot.

Meanwhile Prince George’s little furry ball, the Bolonka Zwetnas pup is a small, lively and adorable. The caramel-hued Russian dog breed is perfectly suited for Kate, who has an allergy to horses, as they have hair not fur.

“Bolonka Zwetnas are energetic, sturdy and playful — perfect for George. And while they have a tendency to suffer hip dysplasia, they also have a love of sitting on laps for warmth,” said a source. The Cambridges’ will now have three pet pooches, Lupo, a black cocker spaniel, and Marvin, the hamster, and the new entry, which is exclusively for Prince George.

The insider added that Kate and William have chosen the small pooch as next year they will leave Norfolk. The family will shift to their home in Kensington Palace in London, as Prince George will go to Wetherby, a pre-preparatory school that William also went to as a kid in September 2017. The dog will only require a short walk a day.

In addtion, as the little royal turns three, his parents are likely to host a theme birthday party for him at their country home Anmer Hall in Norfolk, Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports.


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  • dspirit

    So they bought a nice train set.for their childa birthday. My father bought a nice train set for two daughters in 1948 that if yo calabrate to.present day money cost.more than that. We sure didn’t whave the wealth of Prince Wiliam. We wern’t spoiled. This is 2016, train still runs , children and adults in extended family still get countlesd hours of pleasure. Good investment! By wisely and take care of toys and they will serve a number of people for years. No plastic! No made in China!

  • kitty

    Good grief…I buy similar gifts for my grands and did the same for their parents. al is well…no big deal.