Prince Charles’ Secret Letters Made Public

Prince Charles’ Secret Letters Made Public
Prince Charles Dan Marsh / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Prince Charles’ secret letters to several UK ministers has already been made available to the public following a ten-year court battle between The Guardian and the government. The copies of the letters went live 4 p.m. BST on Wednesday.


Prince Charles’ letters reveal lobbying efforts on UK’s political matters

The secret memos reveal that Prince Charles lobbied several UK ministers, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, on significant political matters. There are letters discussing agriculture, the armed forces, architecture and homeopathy.

The secret letters were dated from Sept 2004 to April 2005. The Guardian won the court’s approval for the publication of the letters under the Freedom of Information Act requested by journalist Rob Evans. The government has spent more than 400,000 pounds or 600,000 U.S. dollars on a ten-year court battle against The Guardian.

“We fought this case because we believed – and the most senior judges in the country agreed – that the royal family should operate to the same degrees of transparency as anyone else trying to make their influence felt in public life. The attorney general, in trying to block the letters, said their contents could ‘seriously damage’ perceptions of the prince’s political neutrality,” said The Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger.

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“Whatever the rights and wrongs of that assessment, it is shocking that the government wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money trying to prevent their publication. Now, after 10 years, we are pleased to be able to share the contents of his correspondence and let people draw their own conclusions,” he said.

Read Prince Charles’ Letters in full.

Prince Charles’ letters reveal his heart belongs to his people

The Guardian was not clear about why the letters should be made public. However, if it hoped to discredit the heir to the throne, The Guardian has significantly failed, Stephen Glover for The Daily Mail believes. If there is anything that the secret letters revealed, it was that Prince Charles has the interest of the ordinary people at his utmost priority.

“On the basis of these letters, he is a public-spirited Prince who takes a commendable and detailed interest in the lives of ordinary people, who are his future subjects,” Glover wrote.

“I found myself feeling grateful that we have an heir to the throne who is prepared to bring worthy and virtuous causes to the notice of those in power. Even his critics could not argue that he ever makes a request which might be thought self-interested or personally grasping,” he wrote.

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