Prince Charles Has Alzheimer’s Disease, Unfit To Be Heir? Hits Deer While Driving

Prince Charles Has Alzheimer’s Disease, Unfit To Be Heir? Hits Deer While Driving
Prince Charles & Camilla Andy Gott / Flickr cc

Does Prince Charles have Alzheimer’s disease? It has been reported since 2009 that the heir to the British throne has shown signs of the disease.


His wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall said in 2013 that Prince Charles is reportedly suffering from devastating memory loss. The story was first published in Globe Magazine in the U.S., later it was all over the television around the world, and picked up by online media like the Medisite FR.

However, as is tradition with the British royal family never to comment on personal life of any one of the members, Buckingham Palace has been silent on this issue.

Recetly though, the 67-year-old was involved in a car crash after he had a shunt with a deer recently in Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral estate in Scotland, giving rise to these rumors once more.

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Prince Charles however was not hurt in the accident, but he was badly shaken. The incident happened sometime recently when he was in his mother’s estate in Balmoral, and was off from official duty and driving with Camilla.

The heir to the British throne was driving an Audi A4 Allroad Estate in Balmoral when the accident took place. While Prince William and Harry’s dad was not hurt, the car was badly damaged, Daily Star reports.

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Later a specialist mechanic was sent to the royal estate to repair it. A spokeswoman from Clarence House refused to comment on the crash.

Sources said the car was left “badly damaged.” The condition of the deer and whether the animal is dead or alive is also known.

A source told Mirror UK that Red Deers are a big hazard in the Scottish Highlands. “Charles is a careful driver but sometimes they dash out on the road and there’s little you can do. He’ll have got a hell of a fright,” the insider said.

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Prince Charles’ car is the latest of the Audis that he drives. The A4 Allroad has a top speed of 155mph and does 0-60 in just 5.5 seconds.

Meanwhile, Balmoral now has a host of guests including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Besides, Kate Middleton’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton are also in attendance.

Kate and Carole were driven around the estate by the queen herself but on different time on the same day when the family had a picnic within Balmoral. Looks like Prince Charles will never be king if he is afflicted with Alzheimer’s.

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