Prices Holding Steady For Items Listed In ’12 Days Of Christmas’ Song

Prices Holding Steady For Items Listed In ’12 Days Of Christmas’ Song
Day 347/365 Paul Heablerin / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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You know it’s almost Christmas when you get your annual price list of everything listed in the famous holiday song “12 Days of Christmas.”


For anyone thinking of giving away items on the Christmas song, the PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. has some good news, courtesy of its annual PNC Christmas Price Index. Prices for items on the song have barely changed. And in fact, some stayed the same as last year.

This year marks the 32nd time PNC is measuring costs of various gifts one can give away based on the holiday classic. Regarding this year’s findings, PNC Asset Management Group Jim Dunigan says, “True Loves should be thrilled that they can have their goose and better afford the gas to roast it too.” He simply meant that low commodity prices have managed to keep consumer costs down, leading to most items in the famous song staying flat when it comes to price.

Just in case you don’t remember all the items in the “12 Days of Christmas,” here’s a list of them along with their current prices:

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-One Partridge in a Pear Tree would costs $214.99.
-Two Turtle Doves would cost $290.
-Three French Hens would cost $181.50.
-Four Calling Birds would cost $599.96.
-Five Gold Rings would cost $750.
-Six Geese-a-Laying would cost $360.
-Seven Swans-a-Swimming would cost $13,125.
-Eight Maids-a-Milking would cost $58.
-Nine Ladies Dancing would cost $7,552.84.
-10 Lords-a-Leaping would cost $5,508.70.
-11 Pipers Piping would cost $2,635.20.
-12 Drummers Drumming would cost $2,854.80.

Almost all of these items did not experience a price increase from Christmas last year, except the turtle doves, partridge and the lords-a-leaping. The lords’ rates have particularly gone up by 3% as these professionals from the Pennsylvania Ballet received a salary increase.

In case you want to give your true love all the items on the list, the PNC estimates it will cost you around $34,130.99 this Christmas.