‘Pretty Little Liars’ Updates: Season 7 Is The Last of PLL

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Updates: Season 7 Is The Last of PLL
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Pretty Little Liars launched its sixth season this year, and the liars have made a five-year jump for its newest franchise. There’s a new dude that will be introduced for the second half of the season: Jordan, Hanna’s fiancé. Furthermore, the series creator, Marlene King, have hinted that the series is nearing its end.


Known as the series that has the most patient fans ever, “Pretty Little Liars” came with another set this year. The sixth season of PLL showcased that the series made a five-year jump, and that one of the girls wound up engaged. Hanna, the character played by Ashley Benson, introduced a new man in her life, fiancé Jordan.

According to TV Line, Jordan, who will be played by actor David Coussins, met with Hanna in Europe when she moved there after her split with then-boyfriend, Caleb, in New York City. Since then, she and Jordan shared an intimate relationship that was hidden from the stories. Will he add to the mystery of the series or will he be the one to bring luck to Hanna?

During an interview, Benson revealed last October at the New York Comic-Con that she thinks that Jordan’s addition to the series is a “cool change” of pace for the series. She said, “I’m excited for her to have this new chapter in her life.”

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In other news, Variety reported that Marlene King, the series creator, also revealed that “Pretty Little Liars” may have its last hurrah on its seventh season. However, despite speculations, she said that PLL may still be able to grab a longer opportunity to share more stories. In fact, she stated that an eighth season for the franchise can still be developed after further discussion.

During a press tour at the Television Critics’ Association, King said, “I think we’ll let the fans tell us what they want. We’re open to that… I’m all for it. Yes, we’re in.” When asked about what could be expected in the series, she said, “I think that this story when we’re back will end next year at the end of Season 7.”

Now that Jordan will bring a new twist to “Pretty Little Liars,” do you think they will still gear up for an eighth season, or will the seventh be their last?