‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: Alison – Emily Romance Possible?

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: Alison – Emily Romance Possible?
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“Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 premiere goes down to business right away. Everyone reunites with a single mission – #SaveHanna.


‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 episode 1 starts with PLL girls, Aria, Spencer and Emily digging a grave in the middle of the woods, something that was also shown in the trailer of the season premiere. All of them look distraught and covered in dirt.

“It was a well-thought-out plan,” Spencer tells Emily, as all of them cry profusely. “When it ends up like this it’s called first-degree murder.”

The scene changed to a flashback which showed the entire gang running around to locate Hanna. They came face to face with Mary Drake and are intrigued to find out that, that is, in fact, Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin sister, reports MTV. Caleb immediately tags her as “A.D.”, in a fit of rage, while the others do not know what to think.

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Just then the “bell tolls” and they run to the nearby church to Hanna’s body hanging from the church bell. But as it turns out, it was only a doll with Hanna’s mask on it to scare the “Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 gang.

The doll played the message that they only had 24 hours to reveal who had killed Charlotte or lose Hanna forever, reports US Weekly.

Thus began the hunt for Charlotte’s killer. After taking a vote it became clear that the majority thought that Alison had killed Charlotte. They then divided up the tasks at hand – Aria and Ezra went to see if they could find any evidence in Alison’s house, Caleb tracks Mary Drake and Emily goes to find out the truth from Alison in the mental asylum.

Aria and Ezra are interrupted by the entry of Elliot; Caleb’s plan to track Mary also does not amount to anything in particular; Only Emily managed to extract something of importance from a semi-delusional Alison. After what seems like an eternity, Alison suddenly opens her eyes and asks God for forgiveness, which convinces Emily that Alison is Charlotte’s killer.

All the while a pant-less Hanna is being tortured in a dark outhouse somewhere, with “A.D.” spraying her with water and then administering electric shocks. Her only solace is Spencer (the ever genius of “Pretty Little Liars”) who appears in her dream to give her some much-needed advice: “If there is a way in, there’s a way out.”

Emily, meanwhile, refuses to believe that her former lover can be Charlotte’s killer. She hides the fact that Alison had confessed the truth, from Aria, and goes to her house to search for evidence.

In Alison’s bedroom, Emily reminisces about the romantic time that she had spent with her in the past. Is this a definite hint of an Alison-Emily romance happening in the future? We think so!

However, her reverie is broken when she discovers the red sweater that Aria and Ezra had seen Alison (or someone like her), wear on the night of Charlotte’s murder. When she reveals this information to the others, Caleb wastes no time in grabbing the sweater and running out to deliver it to “A.D.”, just as the clock counts down to last minute of the deadline.

The scene cuts to a hooded “A.D.” entering the outhouse to find Hanna gone. Hanna is shown running out into the road and stumbling upon Mary Drake’s car. Will she help Hanna get back to her friends?

“Ezria” might be back! As Aria and Ezra share an intimate moment where she declares: “I don’t need to know what we are tonight. I just need to be with you.”

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 7 episode 1 ends with a psychopathic Elliot injecting Alison with something that he claims will make her “live a long life, rotting away” in the mental asylum. Why? Because he knew that Alison killed Charlotte!

This leaves the viewers with the aching question – Is Elliot “A.D.”? How else will he know that Alison was responsible for killing Charlotte?

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