‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Spoilers: All Secrets Aren’t Out Yet, New Alliances Emerge

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Spoilers: All Secrets Aren’t Out Yet, New Alliances Emerge
Photo Credit: televisione via Compfight cc
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ABC recently released a poster for “Pretty Little Liars” season 6, which hinted new rivalries and a possible rift among the girls as the Liars were pictured leaning towards Spencer’s scar. Seems like secrets aren’t out just yet.


As reported by Teen Vogue, the cast of “Pretty Little Liars” were seen together in a poster again, including the previously removed character of Alison. The poster hints possible new secrets to be uncovered for the series’ upcoming season 6 premiere early next year.

Based on the series’ previous poster reveals, Aria was usually the Liar who incorporated the iconic “shh” finger signature. However, the recently released poster for the series was a unique one since this time, Hanna was the one to place her index finger by her mouth. Is she the Liar whose new secrets would revolve around?

Furthermore, a noticeable change to the poster also reflected a comeback character to join the girls in the photo: Alison. Ally was deleted form previous season posters of the series but is back on the scene as she posed next to the other liars on the series’ latest poster.

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Additionally, TV Line reports that the way the girls were posed also shows a sign that there may be an existing conflict between them come season 6. Based on the previous posters of the series, the girls are pictured sitting side-by-side, showing a more united front. However, the latest poster shows that there is imminent distance between them that hints that there may be an ongoing rift among the liars, especially when all of them are leaning towards Spencer’s car in the poster. Does the car hold new secrets to uncover for the girls?

The upcoming season six of the series would showcase the girls’ lives after five years since the previous season five timeline, including the recently engaged Hanna.

Catch the season 6 release of “Pretty Little Liars” this January 12, 2015 to uncover which of the liars have more lies under their sleeves.