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Did President Obama Flaunt Erection To Women In YouTube Video?

Did President Obama Flaunt Erection To Women In YouTube Video?
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Did President Obama Flaunt Erection To Women In YouTube Video?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has lately become a subject of immense reprehension after a video of him making lewd comments about women surfaced on the internet.

As previously reported by Morning News USA, the video is a footage from 2005 showing the business mogul speaking about being able to grope and kiss women without their consent because of his status as a celebrity.

While Trump has been on the receiving end of immense criticism in the wake of the release of the video, several Republicans have withdrawn their support of the presidential nominee, including House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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However, a new video dating back to 2008 is currently making rounds on the internet. The video, from the presidential campaign of the now President Barack Obama, shows him behaving, as noted by Grabien, “just as salaciously.”

In the video, the then Senator Obama can be seen talking on a phone as he gets up from his seat. Meanwhile, a female reporter sees something (a bulge in Obama’s pants, Grabien notes) during this time that “makes her uncomfortable.” While she arises and starts making her way back to the plane, a female voice can be heard asking everyone to sit down.

The video, which Grabient said was captured by CNN, is currently making rounds on social media.

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However, Snopes, in debunking the news, said there is no concrete evidence to prove that Obama was displaying his erection; the site further said that the video is too grainy and that there is no evidence to prove the female reporter was uncomfortable or that the then-Senator’s act was a chauvinistic one.

The video was taken in May 2008 when Obama was aboard his campaign plane.

“The video is open to some interpretation, it is certainly not hard evidence that Barack Obama “flaunted” his erection to female supporters,” Snopes said. The video, the media outlet further notes, has been circulating since 2008; and had been used to smear Obama.

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