Pregnant Kate Middleton Hides Baby Bump During Bhutan Visit?

Pregnant Kate Middleton Hides Baby Bump During Bhutan Visit?
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The royal family may soon be welcoming a new baby. Kate Middleton is suspected to be pregnant as she was seen covering her stomach during her visit to Bhutan.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Bhutan on 15th April. The Duchess looked elegant in a red floor-gown during the reception in the country. She was spotted with a slight baby bump and her constant covering her stomach hinted of pregnancy.

Rader Online presented some exclusive picture to justify their claim of pregnancy. Kate not only looked curvier but she also covered her belly at times with a white piece of cloth.

Prince Willian was always by her side and he looked quite happy too. She was also spotted wearing the diamond and sapphire ring that the prince gifted her. The ring was inherited from his mother, Lady Diana. The couple already shares two kids, one three years old and one just 11 months old.

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The beautiful lady made sure to keep the sentiment of the people in mind with a gown adorned by poppies, the national flower of Bhutan, as noted by International Business Times.

Kate Middleton and Prince William completed their trip to Bhutan on Saturday before taking a flight to India. The duo visited Taj Mahal, the monument of love, in Agra and was overwhelmed.

While the news of a baby is just a speculation with no confirmation from the royal family, it will certainly be a great news since their fifth marriage anniversary is just around the corner, on 29th April, 2016.

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  • Keshav_Bhutan

    A Royal Visit for us Bhutanese to remember, savour and cherish. The Gallant Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, and the Lovely Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate Middleton, who was very reminiscent of her would-have-been Mother-in-Law, Prince’s Willam’s late mother, Lady Diana. Also, we had no idea she was carrying their third child who hopefully visit us too after he is well, born 🙂
    – Keshav for