Pornhub BangFit Not What It Was Advertised, Suggests Beta Review

Pornhub BangFit Not What It Was Advertised, Suggests Beta Review
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A couple of weeks ago, Pornhub released a controversial app called BangFit. The promo video suggests couples to “sexercise” rather than go for a run like normal people. While it sounds interesting, kinky, and fun, did it really stick up to its words?


BangFit improves physical activity through sex?

The app was initially mocked during its announcement for including sharing options for points that the user achieves during sex. Ignoring hilarious comments from reactions toward the launch video, we fortunately came across Complex’s early beta review of the app.

According to John Flynn, the app features porn stars in the place of funny yellow creature we come across in the video. Creepy actors performing weird sexual positions and suggesting users to do so are not the motivations expected by every couple.

The belt with the pouch for the smartphone is uncomfortable to wear during intercourse. But fake moans and cliché porn music make the situation more uncomfortable. There were moments when Flynn’s girlfriend wanted to be kissed rather than collect points to be put up on a scoreboard.

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Hilariously, “under-performing” couples prompt an honest message at the end, saying, “You’re not fit to bang.”

While the app was advertised to burn of calories and “spice up your sex life,” it fails to do both, according to Flynn. To read the full review, click here.

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