Polls Hint Trump Winning US Elections 2016 Nomination

Polls Hint Trump Winning US Elections 2016 Nomination
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore/Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump will win the nomination and will officially become the party’s presidential bet if current polls are anything to go by. CBS/NYT news polling, Fox News poll, CNN/WMUR poll and NBC/WSJ poll are all showing results favorable to the controversial candidate.


CBS/NYT polling showed that 35 percent of Republican primary voters support Trump. This was a 13-point increase from his numbers in October and actually was the highest level of support that he got in the entire CBS News polling for the U.S. Elections 2016. He toppled Ben Carson from the number one spot when the poll was conducted in October. Fifty-one percent of his supporters – men and women included – said their minds are made up for Trump.

The latest CNN/WMUR poll of republican voters in New Hampshire also showed that Trump is on the lead. Thirty-two percent now showed support of him up from his 26 percent in September. Fox News polling of Republican primary voters in South Carolina showed 35 percent of support for Trump – 20 points ahead of Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Granted that these polls were conducted before Trump made his racist proposal of banning all Muslims’ travel to U.S., The New York Times noted that support for Trump is increasing because people now fear terrorism more than ever. So much so that his statement on Muslim ban could boost support for a Republican nomination.

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“He’ll keep a sharp eye on those Muslims. He’ll keep the Patriot Act together. He’ll watch immigration. Stop the Muslims from immigrating,” Bettina Norden told The New York Times during polling. The poll also showed that Republican voters are confident that Trump has the ability to confront terrorism. In fact seven in 10 said they were likely to vote Trump in a Republican primary because they see him as well-equipped to respond to threat. Four in 10 are “very confident” Trump could handle terrorism.

“He stands up to people, and he tells what’s on his mind. Unfortunately, even though people don’t want to hear it because a lot of what he says is inflammatory toward certain groups, it is the truth, because we have a massive problem,” another voter told The New York Times. “I’m mad about the Muslims coming in, I’m mad about the economy and I’m mad because we got a stupid president, and that’s about it,” another said.

An NBC News/ Wall Street poll done after Trump’s controversial call for Muslim showed six in 10 Americans object to the proposal. But while 57 percent of all adults disagree with Trump, 42 percent of GOP respondents support him in his call to ban Muslims in U.S. Only 16 percent were insulted by the proposal, 37 percent believe he raised an important issue and 40 percent says Trump is just telling it like it is.


  • NikFromNYC

    Why do you ruin your own message by calling an anti-Muslim pause “racist” when Islam isn’t a race?! Duh.