Poll Finds That Half Of Americans Would Be Embarrassed If Donald Trump Becomes President

Poll Finds That Half Of Americans Would Be Embarrassed If Donald Trump Becomes President
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Donald Trump may be the leading Republican presidential candidate right now, but apparently, this does not mean that Americans would happy if he actually did get nominated. In fact, they would even be slightly embarrassed.


This is one of the findings that came out in a recent national poll by the Quinnipiac University. Donald Trump continues to lead among the pack of Republican Presidential candidates, but he only leads Sen. Ted Cruz by 4 percent. Meanwhile, both Sen. Marco Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson are trailing slightly behind the two. However, 28 percent of those who took the national poll also said that they would absolutely not support Trump for the Republican nomination for president.

The poll does not stop here, however, because 59 percent have also said that they find Donald Trump unfavorable. Among this population, 70 percent have college degrees and 68 percent are women . Moreover, 58 percent have indicated that they don’t perceive Trump as honest and trustworthy although 58 percent have also said that they believe he has strong leadership qualities. Nonetheless, 67 percent have also said that Trump actually does not possess the right kind of experience to be the next president of the U.S. And yes, 50 percent of the respondents have said they would feel embarrassed about Trump becoming the president.

Now, things get a bit more interesting when Trump is placed side by side with Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. For one thing, only 35 percent have said they would be embarrassed about Clinton becoming the U.S. president while 63 percent have actually said that she has the right kind of experience to be the next Commander in Chief. And if the elections were to be held today, respondents have said that 47 percent will vote for Clinton over Trump. Interestingly, 51 percent have also said they would rather vote for Bernie Sanders if the presidential race came down to him and Trump.

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Back to Clinton vs. Trump, respondents have said that when it comes to handling the national economy, 53 percent have said that Trump would do the job better than Clinton. However, when it comes to fighting terrorism, 48 percent believe Clinton is the woman for the job.

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