Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: How To Hatch Eggs Without Walking

Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: How To Hatch Eggs Without Walking
Pokemon Go Pixabay
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For people hooked on Pokemon Go, many are probably aware by now that the best way to capture monsters other than the usual encounters is to hatch eggs.


There are three Pokemon Go eggs in the game. They are the 2 KM, 5 KM and the 10 KM egg. From their names alone, the hardest one to crack would be the 10 KM class.

Under fair circumstances, the easiest way is to be patient and do a lot of walking. Unfortunately, not all Pokemon Go players are keen with that arrangement, which could tempt them to cheat or apply some form of hack.

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Then again, there are other ways to consider and it could be a Pokemon Go player’s ticket to gain more critters along the way. Here are some ideas that could come in handy, even if they sound crazy.

Attaching Your Phone To A Ceiling Fan Or Turn Table

Everyone knows that Pokemon Go relies heavily on movement, hence GPS. The key is to make it look like one is actually moving.

For those who don’t want to walk, tying up their phone to a ceiling fan could be a worthy idea. Players don’t have to turn the fan up to the maximum speed to avoid being too obvious. Rather than walk, you can simply leave your phone up there and carry on.

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Though there are risks, Pokemon Go players could use a turntable instead. Of the two, this seems more ideal because it addresses the potential dread of ending up with a busted phone due to potential falls.

Hook It Up To Your Pet

Pets are normally on the go so finding a way to have your pooch carry it could be a swell idea. Using some pouch and tie it maybe to the collar could be handy just as long as you know that your dog is within your sight.

Compared to hacks that are available, these are seen as better ways to avoid game bans. Niantic is slowly getting pinning down on the cheats and these alternatives are technically fair ways to hatch those dreaded eggs.

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