‘Pokemon Go’ Updates: New Tracker, Egg Hatches Recorded And More

‘Pokemon Go’ Updates: New Tracker, Egg Hatches Recorded And More
Pokemon Go Lydia / Flickr cc
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There are a ton of changes happening in “Pokemon Go” as Niantic tries desperately to keep people hooked to the game. So what are all the latest updates?


Battery Saver Is Back

Even though Niantic had promised to make things better post-update of “Pokemon Go”, most of the changes introduced through the recent app update were more disappointed rather than impressive. One of the annoying eliminations was the sudden disappearance of the Battery Saver option.

Since “Pokemon Go” is a power-draining game, and one did not have ready access to a charger outside home, people loved the idea of switching to battery saving mode when they ran low on charge. This allowed the mobile screen to be dimmed, allowing the players to play the game at a stretch for a longer period of time.

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Niantic has finally recognized their folly in removing the handy Battery Saver and has decided to bring it back, but only for iOS users.

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Egg Hatches Recorded

Egg hatches are very important to the “Pokemon Go” game, as longtime players would already know. They award the players with rare and powerful Pokemon, in some cases even region-specific Pokemon!

Niantic has updated the game so that egg hatches will now be documented. This will help you keep track of which eggs have already been hatched and what kind of Pokemon you managed to secure from them.

Bonus XPs

While players were awarded bonus XPs for great and excellent catches if they managed to hit the smaller colored circle inside the bigger white one, while throwing Pokeballs before too, the feature has gotten far more accurate lately, according to Trainer Tips.

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New Tracker

A completely remodeled nearby Pokemon tracker eliminates sighting multiple Pokemon of the same species. In addition to that, Pokemon disappears from the list, now entitled “Sightings”, when a player travels more than 200 m away from that spawned Pokemon.

Also, according to CNET, there is no way of telling which direction to walk towards in order to catch the Pokemon that are being showcased on the list, leading to even more confusion. And no, the 3-step feature is not making a comeback anytime soon.

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