Pokemon Go Update: Trades, New Incense On Coming Soon?

Pokemon Go Update: Trades, New Incense On Coming Soon?
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Something “Legendary” could be happening soon to “Pokemon Go” if the recent hints are to be taken seriously. This has to do with that code analysis plus an event, which showed players taking on “Mewtwo”.


Mewtwo” is of course one of the rares that “Pokemon Go” players have to track down and a trailer showing how multiple gamers took him down (and got him on their PokeDex) could be something to look forward to.

That could be something though it also hints that legendary characters on “Pokemon Go” could be expected only at special events hosted by Niantic. Other than that, players may have to continue their globe-trotting measures to catch them.

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Trading Jabs

Aside from that, there is also the rant for new features on “Pokemon Go.” Everyone is aware that trading is something that was done in the card game version and apparently most want it for the augmented reality game.

The codes may offer something interesting though it remains to be seen if that will happen soon. The plans were somehow spilled with certain terms like “trade_search” and “trade_response”. If taken as they are, the feature could be activated soon.

Attracting More with Incense

For “Pokemon Go” players, Incense is a feature the helps lure in the Pokemons in 30-minute periods. The best way to use them is near hotspots which could raise the chances of attracting even the rares.

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There could be three new types of incense coming as singled out by Forbes. The codes spotted include “Item_incense_spicy”, ”Item_incense_cool” and “Item_incense_floral”, yet another tease.

In all, whatever Niantic Labs has planned could be in the codes. They may not be active yet but they were placed there for a reason. Hence, “Pokemon Go” players may have something to look forward to with the company hoping to revive interest and cover up that mid-July decline of active hunters.

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