‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Tips and Update: Find out the latest alternatives to PokeVision

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Tips and Update: Find out the latest alternatives to PokeVision
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“Pokemon Go” users continue to find ways to hunt down the elusive pocket monsters with Niantic Lab’s terms of service in mind. Third party apps are still abundant and most are looking for something similar to PokeVision.


Everyone knows how Niantic banned third party apps like PokeVision in an effort to do away with cheaters. The ban of course covers “Pokemon Go” players who continue to resort to apps so for the stubborn ones, continued use is at your own risk.

Why are players using third-party apps?

The reason behind the use of PokeVision was tied up to Niantic’s shortcomings as well. “Pokemon Go” is far from perfect and traditionally, players exhaust all means to make games easier to play. In this case, it is all about pinning down the Pokemon characters.

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There are risky alternatives

Niantic’s campaign against “Pokemon Go” cheats continues with the game bans. Third-party apps are a violation to their terms of service but some could care less.

With PokeVision out of the mix, there have been a lot of other apps cropping up. One app for example is PokeEye. The app features a scanner for use with maps where “Pokemon Go” players don’t really need to be physically present to spot the elusive critters.

Another one worth mentioning is PokeVS. It comes with a scanner similar to what PokeVision had and users simply need to head on to their webpage (pokevs.com) to get some help.

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PokeFast is another one which technically speaks for itself. It helps scan the critters fast on “Pokemon Go”. It does the trick by simply scanning the area on a certain location and returns the number of identified Pokemon according to the PokeDex ID.

Again, “Pokemon Go” players are reminded of Niantic’s directives. Some may get away with it but as tome point, the game developer may eventually pin you down and reward you with a game ban.

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