‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Jordan Clarkson, Rudy Gobert, NBA Joining Mobile Gaming Craze

‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Jordan Clarkson, Rudy Gobert, NBA Joining Mobile Gaming Craze
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Pokemon Go has taken game lovers by storm since its launch earlier this month. The new gaming app from Nintendo managed to bring out the gamer even in the NBA players like Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson and Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert.


Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality game and has been bringing people together as they hunt for the Pokemon in their city or town. The NBA players are not an exception to this as well and the offseason allows them enough time to capture as many monsters as they can.

Clarkson appeared to be making the most of his free time scoring on Pokemon Go. “This pokemon game is so fire lol,” he tweeted on Wednesday. Clarkson was joined by his brother in the Pokemon chasing game as well.

“I came home asked my mom where my brother is she said he outside chasing Pokemon,” he tweeted. Also, Clarkson’s favorite Pokemon now is Mewtwo.

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On the other hand, Gobert is also quite infatuated by the game, as he couldn’t help catching Pokemon during an NBA Summer League game. He tweeted a photograph of Spearow, who suddenly appeared in front of him while watching a game.


It is though understandable why Gobert’s mind wandered off during the Las Vegas Summer League. The games that serve as a platform for the league’s most talented young players often turns disappointing, the Boston.com reported. However, Gobert did try not to chase Spearow into the court and settled for just a photograph of the Pokemon.

Earlier on Tuesday, Gobert shared on Twitter that he is willing to get back to work as a Pokemon trainer. “On another note… I’m coming out of my retirement as a Pokemon trainer. It’s time to get my throne back,” he wrote.

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