‘Pokemon Go’ Tricks & Tips: How To Cheat Without Getting Banned, More on Hatching Eggs Faster Without Walking

‘Pokemon Go’ Tricks & Tips: How To Cheat Without Getting Banned, More on Hatching Eggs Faster Without Walking
Pokemon Go Eduardo Woo / Flickr cc

Pokemon Go has taken the gaming world by storm since it was released. The new Android and iOS game is expected to make bigger noise when it is released globally.


While some wants to play the right way, there are also gamers who are taking advantage of numerous Pokemon Go  tricks, trips and cheats online to stay ahead of competition. GPS spoofing is one of the most popular tricks today, allowing users to fake their locations to get more items or rare pocket monsters.

However, using these cheats and tricks could lead to troubles with Pokemon Go developers, who are reportedly banning accounts that has suspicious activities, Gotta Be Mobile reported. However, if gamers are careful enough in applying the tricks, there is a chance he will not get caught and continue gaining advantage through cheating.

By using the GPS cheat and tricks, a gamer can access Pokestops quicker without walking a lot, along with engaging in numerous gym battles in an hour. These suspicious activities, though, which have led to accounts getting suspended or banned permanently.

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In order to take advantage of this loophole, gamers should avoid accessing Pokestops few minutes after their last visit. Same is true for gym battles. It was also suggested that users should install “Mock Mock Location” that will prevent servers from determining use of GPS spoofing.

These tricks have been proven time and time again, as gamers confirmed they were also able to apply tricks and cheats for hatching eggs without getting penalized. But if gamers do not want to run risk of being barred from playing Pokemon Go, Twifinite offered an alternative on hatching eggs faster than the usual.

To hatch eggs faster, gamers are advised to open the Pokemon Go app while jogging. Through this, the user will accumulate steps faster, which also means faster hatching time for eggs. It is also advisable to get more incubators, which will give users the opportunity to hatch multiple eggs at a time.

Skateboarding and roller skating also help in hatching eggs. Initially, Pokemon Go aficionados thought driving is effective in hatching eggs but the tip was already debunked. However, the Twifinite report confirmed that driving slow while the smartphone is on the passenger seat is still an effective trick in hatching eggs without walking.

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