‘Pokemon Go’ To ‘Pokemoan’? Pokemon-Inspired Adult Toys Now Available!

‘Pokemon Go’ To ‘Pokemoan’? Pokemon-Inspired Adult Toys Now Available!
Pokemon Go Lydia / Flickr cc
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What's This?

After invading your social life, leisure time and basically every waking hour, now it’s time for “Pokemon Go” to invade your “pleasure time” too!


If you thought the world of “Pokemon Go” was meant for kids and young adults, you were wrong. Call it innovation at its weirdest; a company called “Geeky Sex Toys” has come up with products that combine adult sex toys and Pokemon!

Not to be confused with the several Pokemon toys available in the market now, due to the craze of “Pokemon Go”, this range of Pokemon toys has been named “Pokemoan” (endless puns intended)!

And their tagline? “Gotta get ‘em all”!

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‘Pokemon Go’ News

However, if you were under the impression that exploring the world of porn is a natural progression for Nintendo after launching a “Pokemon Go” dating service called “PokeMatch”, you are mistaken. Nintendo (thankfully) has no bragging rights over this invention.

According to Mirror, launching Pokemon-inspired sex toys was always on the list of to-do things for this adult-toys making company. And following the huge popularity of “Pokemon Go”, they decided that there couldn’t be a better time to launch these products.

For now, 4 Pokemon-inspired dildos have been launched by the company, each having its own nickname – Bulby (after Bulbasaur), Charmy (after Charmander), Squirty (after Squirtle) and Piky (after Pikachu), reports Mic.

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Pokemon-Inspired Sex Toys

To confirm the fact that fetishes truly do not have a limit whatsoever, the company who makes these Toys have said that people are going gaga over the opportunity to make love to a device that looks like Pikachu or Charmander!

“People are going nuts over the Pokémoan products, absolutely loving them. We have had an overwhelming response and are flat out trying to keep up,” said Geeky Sex Toys.

With people now getting turned on by Pokemon-inspired adult toys, it’s really hard to say what’s the world of Pocket Monsters has in store next!

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