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‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats & Tricks: Not Just GPS Spoofing; Check The Grass, Footprints, Rings & More!

‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats & Tricks: Not Just GPS Spoofing; Check The Grass, Footprints, Rings & More!
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‘Pokemon GO’ Cheats & Tricks: Not Just GPS Spoofing; Check The Grass, Footprints, Rings & More!

Pokemon GO has stayed true to the hype with many eager players vying to be the very best. The game is perhaps the closest most will ever get to achieve their childhood dreams of being a Pokemaster.

With millions of players wanting to catch ‘em all, Niantic and Nintendo are working their butts off trying to cope. While the game looks simple enough, there are a few ways to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Finding your next catch shouldn’t be hard if you don’t mind walking a few hundred meters that is. If you want to find one, and most of all catch one, here are a few Pokemon GO tips.

Whatculture has compiled a few tips and hacks that can prove useful to any trainer. With tips and tricks regarding gameplay, this guide is absolutely essential.

Check out the Grass! 

If you ever played Pokemon on GBA or DS, you’ve probably experienced passing through a patch of grass multiple times. Prepare to the same thing, only this time, you’ll be passing through grass yourself.

The game has specific areas where Pokemon is abundant. If you look at the screen there are bound to be patches of rustling grass somewhere. Given that the screen is based on Google Maps, the patches do represent real grass that is likely to be brimming with grass-type Pokemon.

Mind The Footprints 

Check out the footprints. Footprints denote the relative distance of each Pokemon each print is equal to roughly 100 meters. As the game tracks the ones nearby from your start point, checking this window from time to time which ones are getting closer.

The Rings Are The Key

Once you found your target, it’s time to catch it. While at first glance throwing a Pokeball seem as easy as paper-toss, it’s not. You’ve probably noticed a variety of colored rings around your target, think of these as the cross-hairs.

A green ring indicates that the Pokemon is ripe for the taking, but make sure that the ring is at its smallest to nail the shot. Red and orange rings mean you need to calm your prey a bit otherwise it will break out resulting in a wasted Pokeball.

Sell & Upgrade Your Pokemon Duplicates

Once you’re catching Pokemon like nobody’s business, you’re bound to end up with a lot of duplicates. Instead of letting these sit idle, send them to Professor Willow, he’ll give you some candy in exchange which you can use to evolve your Pokemon.

These tips will probably be useful when Pokemon GO rolls out internationally. So keep this in mind and strive to be the very best.

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