‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Pokemon Nests Depend On Google Map Keywords?

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Pokemon Nests Depend On Google Map Keywords?
Pokemon Go Lydia / Flickr cc
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Pokemon nests are changing after “Pokemon Go” app update. Can someone predict where Pokemon nests are going to be located based on the names of places on Google Map?


Niantic is making “Pokemon Go” all kinds of confusing lately, one of them being the shuffling around of the Pokemon nests. One of the motives behind shifting of the Pokemon nests could be because it was almost becoming too easy for the players to catch Pokemon since they were already informed of the location of the nests beforehand.

Third-party apps like Pokevision made it a lot easier to track down Pokemon, by provided detailed maps pointing out the location of Pokemon nests based on repeated sightings reported by players.

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Pokevision and a ton of other third party apps have since been banned by Niantic, which further emphasizes the fact that the makers want to make it tougher to find and catch Pokemon.

In an exclusive by Nick on his YouTube channel “Trainer Tips”, it has been proved that it can be predicted where a certain species of Pokemon is most likely to spawn based on the name of areas with certain keywords in it.

While it was believed earlier that Pokemon types are based on geographical locations, for example, grass type and water type Pokemon will more likely spawn near and lakes and parks, while that view hasn’t changed, Google keywords also seem to play a vital role in deciding Pokemon nests now.

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Here are few of the examples cited in the YouTube video made by “Trainer Tips”:

  • Ground and Rock type Pokemon, mostly Machop and Cubone nests can be found in Rose Bowl, Pasadena.
  • Ekans spawned near a PokeStop called “Sand Serpent” in L.A.
  • Shellder showed up near PokeStop called “Amazing Fountain” in L.A.
  • Fighting-type Pokemon like Machop, Rhydon, Pinsir and Primeape seem to spawn near places with the word “Stadium” in them.
  • Brookside Park, Pasadena is a Shellder Nest

While some of the places above are geographical determinants of what kind of Pokemon might be available there, places with random words in their names, like a store with the name “waterfront”, may end up serving as a nest for water type Pokemon even though there are no ponds or fountains nearby.

Also, for a complete list of which nests have transformed into what, you can visit SubReddit channel called The Silph Road.

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