‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Pokemon Nests Changing; How To Find Eevee, Dratini & More Now?

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Pokemon Nests Changing; How To Find Eevee, Dratini & More Now?
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Ever since the latest “Pokemon Go” update has come about, players have begun noticing a lot of changes going on in the game, including the locations of the Pokemon nests.


A place where a lot of the same kind of Pokemon is found is termed as a nest of that particular Pokemon. Based on confirmed sightings of some specific Pokemon found in abundance in certain places, third party apps have developed a map tracing Pokemon nests all over the city/country/world.

However, with the Pokemon nests now going through major transformations, players cannot rely on the old maps anymore. Niantic has also taken the stern step to eliminate third-party apps like the Pokevision, which became an instant favorite with the players, who began referencing it when tracking Pokemon.

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Even though the exact reason behind Pokemon nests migrating all over the U.S. has not been determined yet, one of the probable reasons could be the fact that the pattern of catching Pokemon was getting too predictable for regular players and hence, too easy a task.

The following are some of the Pokemon nests that have been reported to have been spawning different species of Pokemon that they were before.

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  • The Dratini nest in Barnsdall Art Park in Los Angeles, California, has been transformed into an Eevee nest, reports Entertainment Weekly.
  • Scyther nests are now allegedly spawning for Staryu.
  • Jynx nest have turned into Scyther nests
  • Areas which were earlier a Slowpoke nests has changed into a Tentacool nest, reports Forbes.
  • Horsea nests  have instead changed to Paras nests in L.A., reports Trainer Tips.
  • Clefairy nests are now steadily spawning only Nidoran or both.

However, commonly found Pokemon like Pidgey and Bulbasaur nests mostly remain the same. So the migration of the Pokemon nests seems to be specific to rare Pokemon alone.

For a complete list of which nests have transformed into what, you can visit SubReddit channel called The Silph Road.

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