‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Throw Perfect Curveballs?

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Throw Perfect Curveballs?
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Have you always wanted to throw a perfect curveball while playing “Pokemon Go” but never could get it right? Here are a few tricks that can help you catch Pokemon using curveballs!


Curveball is an alternate technique that helps you catch Pokemon with a Pokeball or a Great Ball or an Ultra Ball, with a bonus of 10 XP.

It is slightly more difficult to execute a perfect curveball than just a normal throw. While it is a technique that is limited to experienced players, it is being tried out by beginners too, with very effective results.

Here are a few tips to help you throw perfect curveballs every time:

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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips

Tip #1: You can spin the Pokeball/ Great Ball/ Ultra Ball either clockwise or anti-clockwise while throwing a curveball. If you are spinning it clockwise, you have to throw it from the left and if you are doing it the other way around, you should throw it from the right, reports iTech Post.

Tip #2: Try not to keep spinning the Pokeball too much before releasing it (no matter how much you might enjoy doing it). Spinning it a few many times just messes up your throwing angle and might make you miss your target. Just one or two spins should be enough.

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Tip #3: Depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed, use the thumb that you are most comfortable with to throw a curveball. However, when it comes to hitting targets that are far away, it’s always better to use your index finger instead, reports Trainer Tips.

Tip #4: When your throw a curveball, your finger-motion should trace the invisible figure “6” backward, starting from the inner circle all the way to the outer arc. The length of the outer arc varies depending on how near or far a specific Pokemon stands during an encounter.

Tip #5: Before you start spinning the Pokeball, click and hold it for a few seconds in order time your throw perfectly. As you hold it, you can see the target circles change color and observe the jump or attack pattern of a Pokemon, both of which helps you determine the perfect time to throw the Pokeball.

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