‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Dodge Attacks In Pokemon Gyms Perfectly?

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Dodge Attacks In Pokemon Gyms Perfectly?
Pikachu and PokéBall Traci Lawson/ Flickr cc
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Catching Pokemon is not what “Pokemon Go” is only about. You have to learn to effectively take over Pokemon Gyms too!


One of the maneuvers that you have to master if you are on a mission to take down as many Pokemon Gyms as possible is learning how to dodge the attacks of a defending Pokemon.

Here are a few ways you can effectively dodge every Pokemon attack and become the undisputed champion of Pokemon Gyms in “Pokemon Go”:

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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips

Tip #1 The Dodge Warning: Just before the defender Pokemon is about to attack, reports TwinFinite, there will be a yellow flash and some animated lines that appear on the screen. Refrain from attacking anymore and start dodging. The lines may take longer to appear in some cases, so it’s best to only consider the flash as your cue.

Tip #2 The Sweep Direction: One direction is not more effective than the other. All of them are the same and it’s just about which direction your fingers can sweep more quickly during a battle. You can choose to sweep either left or right to dodge an attack.

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Tip #3 The Damage Window: A dodge lasts for 500 milliseconds while each normal attack lasts for 200 milliseconds. So there is no reason for you to not be able to dodge every attack successfully. However some special attacks last more than 500 milliseconds, so there are no ways to dodge those attacks completely.

Tip #4 The No-Dodge Attack: The only attack that you cannot dodge is a blizzard attack, reports Trainer Tips. So, if a defending Pokemon is using blizzard, don’t even bother to dodge. Keep attacking it regardless.

Tip #5 The Attack Interval: Every battle starts with two back-to-back attacks. Dodge two consecutive times before starting your attack. After that, the attacks of the defending Pokemon gets predictable, which is every two seconds. Work out a rhythm, after figuring out how many times you can attack before you have to dodge again.

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