Pokemon Go Tips And Guide: How To Get And Use Lure Module To Capture Pokemon Without Walking

Pokemon Go Tips And Guide: How To Get And Use Lure Module To Capture Pokemon Without Walking
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Pokemon Go continues to take the world by storm as players try to ramp up efforts to capture as much Pokemon characters as they can. On that note, leveling up is a need in order for them to get a chance to find the rare ones with higher CP.


Before anything else, Pokemon Go players need to attain a certain level before they can start getting chances at the better Pokemon characters. The best bet is at level 9 where advanced rewards come in such as “Lucky Eggs”.

So how does one ramp up the effort to level up? Walking is, of course, the best recourse though some have resorted to GPS spoofing tactics. Technically that is cheating and players who don’t want to earn a permanent ban, it may be wise to avoid that route.

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Walking can be stressful and some would look at other ways to level up on Pokemon Go. But what could they possibly do? Have you tried the Lures?

What Is A Lure In Pokemon Go?

Lures are things that Pokemon Go players can place at PokeStops. For those who play the game, this can be easily spotted to when a PokeStop has confetti popping up and floating. Lures do have a time limit, giving players 30 minutes to collect Pokemon critters and other stuff like PokeBalls, Potions, Lucky Eggs, Incense and Incubators.

The best way to earn experience is to move or cheat. The latter is, of course, risky but there are various ways folks can turn to.

With the game relying heavily on GPS, there are a couple of ways to work around it. One is to place the device on something that spins like a ceiling fan or a turntable/record player. The spinning motion apparently tricks the device into thinking that you are moving when in fact you are not.

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Paired with Incense, one can attract Pokemon through its alleged fragrance, which can eventually be caught. It may sound fishy, but it may work until Niantic gets down and patches it, similar to how it fended off the celebrated GPS spoofing tactics.

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