‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Find Legendary Pokemon In 3 Steps!

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Find Legendary Pokemon In 3 Steps!
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Once you catch a legendary Pokemon, its game over for the rest of your fellow “Pokemon Go” players. But can a legendary Pokemon be found? We have the answers!


While some “Pokemon Go” players, who have been engrossed in the game from the very beginning are under the impression that legendary Pokemons such as Mewtwo, Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos have not been included in the game. This popular opinion has spurred from the fact that none of the players have encountered any of these Pokemons in the game yet.

However, there are still those hopeful wannabe Pokemon trainers who are on the lookout for any sightings of a legendary Pokemon that can help them gain an edge over the other players in the app.

To encourage these hopeful Pokemon hunters, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” has announced that a sum of five grand will be handed out to anyone who can get their hands on a legendary Pokemon, reports Polygon! The “Ripley’s Go” contest srated on July 15th and will continue till July 24th.

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This has players swarming the streets, parks, parking lots and so on, in order to stand a chance to win that coveted prize. But are they looking in the right places?

“Pokemon Go”: Finding Legendary Pokemon Tips

Even though not much is known about legendary Pokemons at this point of time, certain facts have caught the eye will help determine when and where to look for legendary Pokemons:

Tip #1: They will not be found in common places. If you thought that a legendary Pokemon will pop up in a nearby gas station or in the middle of a Times Square, you are out of luck. They will also probably not be hanging out in parks or forests, as pointed out by Comicbook, due to the fact that their info is missing a “base capture rate”.

Tip #2: Collect comrades. When you arrive at PokeStops to hunt for rare Pokemons, don’t be so focused on your mission that you forget to interact with fellow “Pokemon Go” players in the vicinity. Catching a legendary Pokemon in the future might require you to team up with wannabe Pokemon trainers like yourself in a special event called a “raid”. The friendships that you forge now might help you in your “legendary” mission later!

Tip #3: Be the best. Even though there is currently no way of evaluating your ranking in the game, it helps to know that you are doing your best to collect as many rare Pokemons as possible. The ranking system will inevitably be set in place in the near future by the makers of “Pokemon Go”, Niantic, and some of the top ranking players might be rewarded with legendary Pokemon!

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