‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Best Time to Evolve Pokemon, IV Calculator & More

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: Best Time to Evolve Pokemon, IV Calculator & More
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You want your Pokemon to become stronger but have no idea if you should evolve your Pokemon yet? Here are some great tips to help you understand if it’s time to evolve your Pokemon in “Pokemon Go” or not!


If you want to become the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer, you have to understand when the best time to evolve your Pokemon is. However, after you have captured quite a number of Pokemon, it becomes a tad difficult to decide which Pokemon to evolve and when.

To help make the process easy, here are a few tips that you should keep in mind if you want your Pokemon to enjoy the maximum power and your candies to not go to waste.

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips

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Tip #1: Save up on your candies. Though it might be tempting to spend all your candies as soon as you collect a small pile, restrict yourself. Most of the rare Pokemon that you find in the higher levels will need bigger amounts of candies to evolve to their final form.

Tip #2: Wait for stronger variation of the same Pokemon. Once you level up on the game, you will encounter the same Pokemon with much higher CP. If you have already spent your candies on a weaker version of a specific Pokemon, you will only end up with an evolved Pokemon, which is equally weak.

Tip #3: Wait till level 20 to power up the Pokemon which do not need candies to evolve. By this time you will be sure that there is no other stronger variation available of those Pokemon, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Tip #4: Use pokeassistant.com to calculate the IVs or individual values of your Pokemon. While the base stats of every Pokemon are the same, the IVs may vary, making the difference between a weaker and stronger Pokemon. Evolving the one with higher IV will enable you to end up with a much stronger Pokemon.

Tip #5: Patience is the key to learning and understanding when to evolve or power up your Pokemon on “Pokemon Go”.

Note: The IV calculator is only for advanced trainers, reports Azurilland, since it involves complicated calculations and the knowledge of Pokemon statistics.

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