‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Be Advanced Gamer In 5 Steps!

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips: How To Be Advanced Gamer In 5 Steps!
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If you have mastered the basics of “Pokemon Go” it’s time to step up your game and find out the kind of tactics the advanced players are using in order to race ahead.


While all of the players are granted equal elements to play with in “Pokemon Go” some have figured out the best use for each element that allows them to gain an edge over the others.

Here are the top 5 tips that any “power user” likes to use to power through “Pokemon Go”:

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‘Pokemon Go’ Tips:

  1. Walk around while using incense. While the “Pokemon Go” rulebook might tell you to stand still while using incense to draw out a wild Pokemon every 5 minutes, according to Tech Insider, a Pokemon is bound to show up every minute if you walk about 200 m/min in any direction.
  2. Common Pokemon matters more than you think. Do not let any Pidgey, Capterpie, Weedle etc escape, thinking that you’d rather save your Pokeballs for rare Pokemon instead. They need the lowest number of candies to evolve and hence are a great way to level up faster.
  3. Activate Lucky Eggs as fast as possible. They carry double the amount of XP that evolving a Pokemon gives you!
  4. 2 Km Eggs go to Infinite Incubator; 10 Km Eggs go to 3-Use Incubator (since the latter is for limited use and hence, should be kept for hatching higher level Eggs)
  5. Walk in a straight line to hatch Eggs faster. Apparently, the internal system of “Pokemon Go” checks your location at regular intervals. Walking in a straight line lets you collect the maximum distance rather than walking in circles or constantly changing your direction.

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It would have been nice if all of the above tips worked in the same way, post-app update that “Pokemon Go” users had to download a week ago. Since then people have been complaining about various aspects of the game changing, including Pokemon nests changing and incense no longer working properly.

Also, in one of the YouTube videos of Trainer Tips, Nick, one of the “Pokemon Go” experts, clearly demonstrated live, how much harder catching Pokemon had become!

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