‘Pokémon Go’ Server Down: How To Know If It’s Up?

‘Pokémon Go’ Server Down: How To Know If It’s Up?
Pokemon Go Eduardo Woo / Flickr cc
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As “Pokemon Go” expands its horizon, by accommodating the UK players in the mix, the servers of the app have been crashing more frequently now. So, can you be sure that the servers are down at any given moment?


Frustrated at being locked out of playing “Pokemon Go” just when your friend alerted you of a rare Pokemon that has shown up at Times Square? It is always better to be doubly sure that it is indeed the servers of the game that are down not just your mobile internet that has slowed down.

The following are tried and tested methods which have been proven effective in finding out whether “Pokemon Go” is down or not:

Method #1: One of the easiest and fastest ways to ensure is to visit a site called IsPokémonGODownOrNot.com. The site is accessible from both your computer and mobile devices and tells you immediately of “Pokemon Go” servers are temporarily down.

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Method #2: Downdetector.com is similar to IsPokémonGODownOrNot.com and helps you find out in a moment if your favorite gaming app is down or not.

Method #3: Checking out the MMO or “Multiplayer Server Status”. This site checks the status of a limited number of MMO games, which are basically online-only games, played by a huge number of players in a shared virtual world.

Method #4: Even though it might take more time, nothing tops the official “Pokemon Go” website where one can see a country-wise status check of the “Pokemon Go” servers, reports Tech Insider.

Method #5: When in doubt, turn to Twitter. People are always letting out their frustration (often by swearing) at not being able to access the gaming app on the official Twitter page of “Pokemon Go”. So you will get a fair idea as to when the servers have gone down.

Important Note: According to iMore, deleting the app from your mobile and reinstalling does not help much as it only leaves you with the task of reentering your account info over and over again. So it is better to wait out the downtime and patiently wait for the servers to be back up again.

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