‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2: Find Out Who Are Coming In Next Updates

‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2: Find Out Who Are Coming In Next Updates
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Niantic continues to lure in players for Pokemon Go who are on the prowl for the elusive characters, some who may not have gotten the chance to see the legendary or rare ones yet.


The type of Pokemon Go characters they find depends on the level that they are in and most are still in the lower bracket. To date, only one player has managed to achieve that – Nick Johnson.

Nick was able to achieve that feat with the sponsorship of Expedia. For others, the challenge is to be the first one to do it on their own without outside help.

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Niantic is unlikely to wait for the next one to achieve the feat. In fact the company is gearing up for Pokemon Go Gen 2, which will bring more pocket monsters to the game.

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Welcome the potential new breed!

There will be new legendary and rare creatures coming. Most are coming off evolutions. The speculated list includes Bellosom, Politoed, Crobat, Slowking, Steelix, Tyrogue, Hitmontop, Blissey, Kingdra, Scizor, Espeon, Umbreon and Porygon 2.

The character names come from the Gold and Silver generation of Pokemon. This means that players may want to start and save up on Pokemon candies for the potential evolution of characters. There is no official word yet on when this will be released with Niantic likely keeping it purposely under wraps for now.

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Maintain Focus

With the potential evolutions and coming of new characters, such is likely to ramp up the hunt of Pokemon Go Gen 1 players. The rares are the challenge to most, which can only be done if they play the game and keep themselves on the go. Completing the current gen version is already a challenge in itself, particularly the mission to get the region-specific “Pokemon Go” rares.

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