Pokémon Go Rolling Out For IOS & Android, Australia & New Zealand Users Get First Dibs!

Pokémon Go Rolling Out For IOS & Android, Australia & New Zealand Users Get First Dibs!
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Pokémon Go, the highly awaited augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo and developer Niantic Labs, is now released on both iOS and Android platforms. US users however, cannot join in the fun yet.


We are pretty sure the 11-year-olds in us (depending on whether how young you were or even a kid at the time Pokemon was a rage)  are pretty excited about this bit of news!

Unfortunately, even though it is now available to Playstore and the Appstore, US users cannot access it. Only those in Australia and New Zealand can do so in the meantime, as reported by the Verge.

What is so exciting about Pokémon Go apart from the fact that there are literally millions who grew up watching and playing them?

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The game actually uses the phone’s camera to have Pokemon appear in their own homes or even the streets of their town and cities! It’s like a dream come true for a lot of fans.

When the player catches a Pokemon, they can train them and  help them become more powerful. Players are then given the chance to catch even stronger and rarer Pokemon.

According to Polygon, “Pokemon GO” took some time to develop. Nintendo recently opened field testing for the game in the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Catching multiple Pokemon will entail the players with awards in the form of candies that can transform the Pokemons to their next forms.

Even though this is a free app, Pokémon Go does contain in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99.99.

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company kept the Pokémon Go’s release date for quite some time, although representatives from the two companies were dropping some hints about it during an E3 livestream last month. They said this will be released some time in July and here it is!

US users and other users around the world can just look on for a while. To say some of them are disappointed is an understatement. Below are their shouting tweets:

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    I have it on my phone.
    In america.
    I’m happy right now~