‘Pokemon GO’ News: Bill O’Reilly Thinks It’s The App Kids Should Have

‘Pokemon GO’ News: Bill O’Reilly Thinks It’s The App Kids Should Have
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There’s no doubt that Pokemon GO is the talk of the town and everyone wants to get in on the craze. Among these is Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly who, in his recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor praised the game.


The host of the longest running cable news show gave a spot for the mobile game in his “Tip of the day” segment. In it, he was surprised to see the “urchins” wandering outside his home.

The “urchins” he refers to, are the kids who are seen walking in groups on the streets. He thought it surprising because normally, they would be cooped up at home playing video games.

Pokemon GO In The Factor Tip Of The Day

According to The O’Reilly Factor, the kids are playing Pokemon GO. Even the drenching rain is unable to stop them from navigating the concrete jungle of New York in search of these miniature monsters.

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When a FOX News anchor asked the kids why they are so hooked into the game, aside from the popularity of Pokemon, the kids answered that this app gives them an opportunity to bond with friends.

Bill O’Reilly praised the video game for getting the kids to leave their homes. While they’re still hooked into their “machines” as he calls them, at least they are outdoors.

The game’s use of Augmented Reality and motivating players to search for Pokemon has unexpectedly made it into a champion for fitness. There’s even a petition on the Fitbit website to integrate the game with its products.

This is a great step in bridging an increasingly distant and sedentary generation to once again venture outside. While they are still reliant on technology, they are starting to once again, socialize and explore.

It even gives folks like Bill O’Reilly a reason not to fully condemn technology as something bad. Kudos to “The O’Reilly Factor” for noticing that Pokemon GO is not just another mobile game.

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