‘Pokemon Go’ To ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Update: Catch ‘Donald Trump’ Pokemon!

‘Pokemon Go’ To ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Update: Catch ‘Donald Trump’ Pokemon!
Pokemon Sun and Moon Darren Mark Domirez / Flickr Public Domain

Nintendo is stepping it up from “Pokemon Go” to “Pokemon Sun & Moon.” Everything is tropical, including a Pokemon who looks like Hawaiian-themed Donald Trump!


Since “Pokemon Sun & Moon”, the next installment of the Pokemon series of games from Nintendo, takes place in a place called Alola, which can be assumed is entirely made up of islands, there is bound to be a few changes takes place within the world of Pokemon.

For one thing, there is a whole new Pokedex for hunting Pokemon inside “Pokemon Sun & Moon”, which includes some of the old favorites such as Vulpix, Ninetales, Sandshrew, Exeggutor and Sandslash returning in slightly different forms than usual.

Even the starter Pokemon are supposed to be different in this version of Pokemon game. While one is used to starting out with a Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Charmander or Squirtle in “Pokemon Go”, one will have to choose between Rowlet, Litten and Popplio in “Pokemon Sun & Moon”.

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According to Heavy, the fun quotient of the upcoming “Pokemon Sun & Moon” is also taken a notch up with the starter Pokemon rumored to have multiple evolutions based on what time of the day the Pokemon are being evolved.

‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ News

It’s almost like choosing three different nicknames for Eevee to control what it evolves into in “Pokemon Go”. Only in “Pokemon Sun & Moon”, the sun and moon get to decide the transformation of your starter Pokemon.

Someone called “sun moon leaker” has leaked the info on 4chan, according to which, Rowlet (Grass Pokemon) is supposed to turn into Archoot (Grass Pokemon) during the day and Robinroot (Various) at night.

Similarly, Litten (Fire) turns to Pantherm (Fire) and Popplio (Water) to Sirilio (Water) during the day and Beltigre (Various) and Sirene (Various) respectively during night.

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Donald Trump Pokemon

However surprises do not stop there, a Pokemon named Yungoos evolves into a Pokemon called Gumshoos who looks uncannily like Donald Trump!

Gumshoos is a weasel-like Pokemon, whose name, according to Heavy, means “a person whose job is to find information about someone or something”!

Apparently, the Donald Trump lookalike Pokemon will prove to be a menace in the game that the trainers will have to defend themselves against.

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” releases in November 2016.

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