‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Tips and Update: Pokefast, Skiplagged, Pokemesh Third Party Apps Won’t Get Players Banned

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest Tips and Update: Pokefast, Skiplagged, Pokemesh Third Party Apps Won’t Get Players Banned
Pokémon GOEduardo Woo/ Flickr cc
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Niantic continues its run to track down erring “Pokemon Go” players who deserve punishment. This usually covers players who use third party apps to level up fast.


There are still a lot of apps available for both iOS and Android. Thankfully there are some apps that may not result in game bans.

PokeFast blends in well with “Pokemon Go.” It is believed to be out of the radar of Niantic’s anti-cheat tools, where the key is that the app doesn’t make unauthorized requests to game servers.

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Skiplagged is offering a map tracking service that has allegedly integrated some Pokemon Go-related services to clients, something that isn’t necessarily new. The site has been known to be a travel-oriented website so it could be of help.

PokeMesh recently came out with a new patch that should make it safe for use and not violate Niantic’s terms of service. Curiously, the developers still advise users to have a fake account, which could make it questionable.

Ready to go geeky on Pokemon Go?

As everyone knows, the best ways to plot good gameplay is to devise an ingenious way to accumulate XP points without the use of apps. Jimmy Derocher has something perfect though it requires a lot of work and logistics.

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Derocher’s ploy included mapping out a walking route better known as “Jimmy’s Loop.” The tactic includes help from friends who placed lures at 10 PokeStops via 0.2-mile radius.

They eventually followed that and did it over and over where he was able to accumulate massive XP points, which seem more like a game flaw that forced Niantic to look into. Technically the solution was legal and all of it was even recorded on Twitch.

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